Ipod erased but shows most of capacity taken up.

  fadviser 00:05 07 Aug 2008

Hello and help. My ipod didn't sync with itunes and after diconnecting all my music and podcasts were erased. (Photos were intact) The ipod settings show only 2.8gb available and 27.8gb being used, but nothing there. Strange

  ^wave^ 08:36 07 Aug 2008

have you tried a reset

  fadviser 16:37 07 Aug 2008

Thanks, I've tried a reset but nothing's changed. The ipod turns on OK but is blank and I can transfer material from itunes.
Because it didn't sync there was nothing I could click on on screen to disconnect, so I unplugged (I've done this previously without trouble), maybe that's the cause. Maybe paying for some recovery software is the answer.

  ^wave^ 17:02 07 Aug 2008

as far as i know you can use itunes to restore the ipod to factory settings you loose everything but then you have to sync it again and all should be ok

  fadviser 18:12 07 Aug 2008

I have nothing to lose so I will try a restore. I didn't realise thought that syncing again will bring back the lost files. Thanks for your advice.

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