kenamb 20:42 27 Feb 2006

Hi all ,
My daughter has a apple ipod nano and cant delete a track from the pod itself , she can out of the libary
but it will stay on the unit .
Any ideas,
Ta ,

  leedsafc 22:25 27 Feb 2006

When you connect your ipod to your pc it will show up in itunes. All you have to do then is clear any tracks or playlists that are displayed on your ipod through the edit menu.

  keef66 09:39 28 Feb 2006

delete it from the library on pc, then attach the Iplod and let it synchronise. Or am I missing something?

  kenamb 22:14 28 Feb 2006

Dont need stupid comments like "missing something"
i would not write in if we knew.
Thanks for the other comment though , we will give it a go.

  keef66 22:58 28 Feb 2006

I don't have an Ipod but I have watched my son who also has an Ipod Nano. I once managed to wipe all his stuff off the thing, and to this day don't know how. All I know is that next time he connected it to the pc it synchronised itself with the library on the pc and restored everything to the Ipod. I also heard him berating his brother for starting Itunes from his desktop while the Ipod was recharging, and it replaced everything on his Ipod with everything in younger brother's mp3 library. Thus I have formed the impression that the library on the pc is the determining factor rather than what's on the Ipod, hence my suggestion.
The expression 'am I missing something?' is a lazy way of asking is the question more complicated than I think it is. It wasn't meant to be sarcastic or condescending, and I'm rather upset that you took it that way.

  leedsafc 19:27 01 Mar 2006

I think it is always advisable to check the radio button on the ipod options is not set to "Automatically update songs and playlists." I prefer to manually update by checking the manual update button. Hope this helps.

  keef66 11:47 02 Mar 2006

Thanks, I'll tactfully (you know how sensitive teenagers can be) enquire if that's what he's doing.

Presumably that could be how I managed to wipe his stuff if it synchronised while in my desktop, since I don't have anything in my Itunes library.

Can you set it up so I tunes will only launch when his desktop's active?

  March Hare 12:00 02 Mar 2006

I suggest that when people are trying to help you with your problem, it is non-productive to accuse them of making 'stupid comments'.

Everyone here is more than happy to contribute time and effort to solving other members' problems, but you may find you need to change your stroppy attitude to obtain help in the future.

  leedsafc 18:17 02 Mar 2006

You have the option to launch itunes when you need it and therefore it won't launch as soon as you connect your ipod. When your pod is connected
you will see in the bottom right corner an icon that if you click on will open a menu for ipod options. All settings can then be changed from default to your own personal preferences. Just regard the pod as another removeable storage media.

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