iplayer not working in firefox

  howard64 14:58 09 Apr 2012

over the last couple of weeks the bbc iplayer radio has stopped working. The page opens when I click on the prog I want to listen to but it says done and it does not play. If I use IE9 it works fine but I prefer firefox. It does not seem to matter whether I use the old ff 3.6 or the latest version. It also makes no difference if I am using W7 32bit or 64bit. Are there any suggestions as to what to try?

  rdave13 15:10 09 Apr 2012

An ad-blocker update maybe?

  howard64 16:11 09 Apr 2012

thanks rdave13 I have uninstalled Ad block and restarted but it made no difference

  rdave13 16:41 09 Apr 2012

I'm running FF now, V 11, and iplayer radio working OK. Try clearing your cache, link,

You could also check your Flash version, here.

Mine shows version for Windows 7 (64-bit).

  howard64 17:34 09 Apr 2012

Thanks again - I have the same flash version as you on w7 64bit - I have cleared the cache but it is still the same.

  rdave13 17:42 09 Apr 2012

Does the video and sound work on the TV side of iplayer?

  howard64 17:31 11 Apr 2012

nothing is now working on iplayer - not listen live or any of the progs. Does anyone have any clue as to what to try next?

  Earthsea 22:16 11 Apr 2012

I had flash player plugin problems with Firefox a few days ago, after a silent skin update. Spent hours trying to fix it, without success, so I'm trying Google Chrome now and loving it. It imports Firefox bookmarks and settings without any hassle, so you might like to take this option.

  rdave13 23:13 11 Apr 2012

Try downloading your version of Flash player non-IE and save to desktop, link. Close Fire Fox and install Flash from the download. There is the 32 and 64 bit versions. I'd ignore the beta.

  howard64 18:37 12 Apr 2012

I uninstalled all adobe then downloaded the latest version - closed firefox and installed adobe - I then started firefox and it still does not work. Any further Ideas?

  howard64 09:55 29 Apr 2012

I can now get it to work using IE9 so that is what I am using

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