iplayer freezing caused by Kaspersky

  luthier 09:45 06 Nov 2008

I'm having problems with BBC iplayer / Kaspersky antivirus. When I click on 'play' to stream a program, the circle in the middle of the screen rotates for a second or so then freezes. All I can do then is use task manager to exit internet explorer. I am using Kaspersky anti virus 2009 and if I pause protection before using iplayer all is well. I assume there must be a setting which will allow iplayer to work but I don't know how to do it. I have found that if I put internet explorer into my 'trusted' programs this will work but do I compromise my PC's protection by doing this?

Any help from Kaspersky experts would be much appreciated.

  The Brigadier 09:51 06 Nov 2008

Turn the settings down on Kaspersky?

  luthier 09:54 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure what you mean. How do I do that?

  rawprawn 11:38 06 Nov 2008

Try this Open Settings > Threats & Exclusions> Threats Settings> Untick Multi Packed Objects.
I am not sure but it is a possibility.
Don't forget to put the tick back afterwards.

  luthier 13:30 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it tonight when I get home.

  Poitier 14:50 06 Nov 2008

Should the need arise you can get advice direct from Kaspersky in thier forum found under support in thier main window.

  luthier 16:26 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for tip. I've now asked the question on the Kaspersky forum. I'll post a response here if I get a solution.

  rawprawn 16:50 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the feedback.

  luthier 20:13 06 Nov 2008

I've just tried iplayer tonight and without making any changes it worked perfectly! Perhaps all it needed was a reboot (if in doubt reboot!) Sorry to have wasted all your time.

  rawprawn 21:30 06 Nov 2008

Great, no problem.

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