Iplayer on Android Tablet with Kitkat 4.4

  SURVEY 15:43 29 Dec 2014

Iplayer downloads programs but refuses to play. BBC says this is a google problem. Has anyone had the same problem? I had untold problems with iplayer some time ago on a PC and it was all down to Flash Player I believe. Now faced with yet another iplayer problem on a tablet. If this is Flash again which isn't supported by google anymore on their tablets..... Just what is it about the IT arrangements of the BBC!

  northumbria61 17:35 29 Dec 2014

You MAY find something at BBC iPlayer Help by accessing the various links.

  SURVEY 09:21 06 Jan 2015

I find it incredible with the number of tablets now being used that iplayer cannot run on these. Seems that the bbc, adobe and google and apple will not cooperate with each other. Wonderful for the consumer! BBC just seem to wash their hands of the problem rather than improving their IT.

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