dms05 15:25 10 Jan 2006

Has anyone tried iPIG and made it work?

iPIG is for use on WLAN and adds security by encrypting your data on your laptop before it's transmitted to the iPIG server where it is de-encrypted and passed on to the destination web site. Returning traffic goes via the iPIG server where it is encrypted and sent over the WLAN to your laptop for de-encrypting. Sounds promising but I can only get it to work at very slow speeds.

You can look at it click here

  recap 15:42 10 Jan 2006

This type of encryption does slow things down. The encrypting part take time as does the de-crypting. So you can expect a slow response.

  dms05 15:52 10 Jan 2006

I'd expect some 'overhead' for the encryption but iPIG claim it's only minor. I found my Broadband speed was reduced to that of a Mobile Phone GSM dial up rate i.e impossible for surfing!

I was looking for anyone else with any experience of the iPIG 'client'.

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