iPhone screen question

  Dalglish2 12:27 07 May 2010

I have an iPhone 3gs three
onths old and whilst I am very happy with it, I have noticed a number of White dots on the screen which are present whether the phone is on or off. It has the appearnce of dust buy look more like pixels illuminating. Has anyone any experience of this? Thanks

  mgmcc 12:55 07 May 2010

Silly question but you don't still have a protective film covering the screen? These can have trapped air bubbles under them which show as small white dots.

Stuck pixels wouldn't normally show when the screen is off.

  gazzaho 13:04 07 May 2010

I can't say for sure as I've never had the same problem on an ipod or such screen, but dead pixels do happen on LCD televisions so I guess they could also occur on an iPhone or iPod.

One thing that may be worth trying is to massage the area of screen lightly with a rubber pencil eraser as I've read that some LCD pixels can become stuck and massaging the area can sometimes bring them back to life.

I myself would return the phone to the supplier and demand a replacement as it's so new, it does sound like a dead pixel problem to me.

This link shows other people have had iPhone dead pixel problems too (click here)

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