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iphone query smashed screen cant access

  jacobjohn7 12:29 31 Aug 2016

anyway of getting all contacts pics etc from iphone to new one? cheers John

  john bunyan 13:58 31 Aug 2016

Hopefully you set up iCloud on the old one. Set up the new one and import Contacts from your iCloud. Did you back up the old phone on a P C? Other stuff shoul be there

  john bunyan 14:00 31 Aug 2016

PS - are you getting screen repaied ? If so the old phone should have the contacts on it.

  jacobjohn7 12:58 01 Sep 2016

hi.. no, not on cloud I dont think, but yeah problem solved if repair screen. Might have some kind of back up that didnt realise.. so when get new one might appear from somewhere!

  john bunyan 16:19 01 Sep 2016

With an iPhone it's always a good idea to have iTunes on your PC and treat the PC as "mother" and iPhone as "child" - or keep and download music etc on PC and back up iPhone on it. It will back it up so you can reload on a new phone.

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