iphone photo orientation

  Graham* 23:44 04 Apr 2012

I receive photos that have been taken on an iphone. They come in rotated, so I have to open them with Irfanview and rotate them before uploading to the website. I have looked for an answer on Apple, but can't see a definate solution.

Is it a setting on the iphone?

  rdave13 00:19 05 Apr 2012

Depends hoe the iPhone was held. Same as any camera.

  rdave13 00:19 05 Apr 2012

Hoe = wow.

  rdave13 00:20 05 Apr 2012

And wow = how!

Must get a new keyboard.

  Graham* 00:22 05 Apr 2012

Not that simple, I'm afraid. The iphones have an orientation system.

  rdave13 00:54 05 Apr 2012

Then that's your answer.

If you don't mind deviating a bit from your original problem I wonder if you would be kind enough to help the family, not me you understand, with a cat problem?

Tom, 7 years, un-spayed (if that's the word) was scared as a kitten and never goes out the front door due to an artic' lorry passing at the time. So no wandering to the main road. Back of house leads to countryside with no roads.

Always slept in the utility room at night. Pattern has changed dramatically and the bloody feline will sleep, in the same spot, in the garden whatever the weather or time of day or night. I know it is friendly to our newer neighbours' cats and no fighting has occurred.

I know I'm presuming a lot on your good nature but my children are worried to see the tom behaving this way.

I think he's working for a leg-over but it's been going on for too long for my liking.

Tom is getting thinner even though it eats enough for a horse. Wormed regularly and deloused of fleas.

I think the animal is ill but as I absolutely hate cats I don't take an interest. Until now.

May I ask for your advice in this matter and please accept my humble apologies for hi-jacking your thread.

  Graham* 01:02 05 Apr 2012

No problem. Tom needs to go to the vet for a check-over and then to be neutered. Do keep in touch if you need further assurance.

  Graham* 01:07 05 Apr 2012


Yes, you can do that, but it doesn't 'persist'. When you upload, the original orientation remains.

  rdave13 01:34 05 Apr 2012

Thank you Graham*. Will take the animal to the vet if I have to but will not neuter it. It would change the character of the Tom. Remember it's 7 years old. Thank you for the standard advice any way. Much appreciated.

  Graham* 09:35 05 Apr 2012

Further... If Tom is losing weight, he needs the vet urgently. This is often a sign of kidney failure. When cats are ill, they become more sensitive to temperature - too hot or too cold.

Boris, the cat that lives in my house, was neutered at 15. It calmed him down a lot and he doesn't bite me now.

  rdave13 09:47 05 Apr 2012

Thanks again Graham. Will take to vet as the weight loss, although not too bad, was my biggest concern.

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