Iphone 4s battery fix - nope!

  awest3 17:26 12 Nov 2011

I downloaded the IOS 5.1 fix for my iphone 4s this morning and instead of fixing the problem of battery life it seems to have made it worse. I've done all the recommended changes to my settings to preserve battery life but no joy. My next task is to run the phone down completly and then recharge it. The apple web site is inundated with this problem continuing even after the update. I'm starting to think of going back to my blackberry..! hhmm maybe not ! I expect they will fix it in time but at the moment its a real pain. I remember the old big engined cars (yep I'm that old) where you could watch the petrol guage go down as you drove along.. I'm doing the same with my Iphones battery power meter.

  ams4127 17:45 12 Nov 2011

I put the update onto my iPad 1 last night and finally got the multi-fingered swipe option working. I then went onto the Apple website and was amazed at the number of people, like yourself, whose battery problems appear to be worse than they were before the upgrade.

It all seems very strange because a poll on one site found that the vast majority of IPhone 4S users had no battery problems at all. It seems to me that it may all come down to a manufacturing fault on some phones.

Certainly the shouting going on is doing Apple a power of no good. They need to sort it out - fast.

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