iPad will not hold wireless connection

  Sapins 15:39 13 Dec 2014

I cannot troubleshoot this problem,it even rejects my password and It will not allow me to reset network settings, How do I get back to previous software or reset to when I bought it?

  onthelimit1 16:04 13 Dec 2014
  Ventad 16:09 13 Dec 2014

Go to settings/general/reset/and try reset network settings.


same again but reset all settings


finally if the both do not help - erase all content and settings and start all over as new

  Sapins 16:16 13 Dec 2014

Ventad, thanks for your reply, I have tried all your suggestions, for the second and third I get "insert restrictions code" where will I find this? I have my connection code but this is rejected.

  Ventad 16:57 13 Dec 2014

It is the 4 digit code you unlock the ipad with

  Ventad 17:02 13 Dec 2014


I only get 11.4MB download I never have a problem, and when the G/children are over here there are 4 ipads connected and no problems, and when their parents are here to 3 iphones get connect also.

  Ventad 17:05 13 Dec 2014

Try putting your Router on G and N only not B,G&N or even N only if there is no older Ipods being used

  Sapins 19:26 13 Dec 2014

It is the 4 digit code you unlock the ipad with

I have been trying to use this to no avail!

I think I'll have to go to 10 failures which will reset everything.

  john bunyan 20:08 13 Dec 2014


Do try the reset option in onthelimit1's post above. (The rest one; it takes quite a time). The 10 failures route may permanently lock it unless you contact Apple - do you have an Apple store near you? If you call the nearest one and ask for technical support the should put you through to someone who will talk you through the problem.

  Sapins 20:27 13 Dec 2014

Well, I can't believe it, I got totally fed up and as a last resort I tried all the passwords I had and lo and behold one written next to WAP worked, I have saved all the problems of contacting Apple and it is now working properly so thank you all for your help, it is much appreciated.

Regards, Sapins.

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