iPad 9.7" won't charge with any other USB source

  stlucia2 12:01 25 Apr 2018

I've recently bought the latest model 9.7" iPad. It comes with a UK wall-wart charger which, according to its label, is rated at 10 watts.

Because I travel abroad regularly I would like to use one of my other wall-warts, also 10W rated, which have US or continental 2-pin plugs on them, and to use my 12W rated power bank if I run out during the day. But none of these work with my iPad. I'm using Apple's own lead, which has a non-standard plug on the iPad end and a standard USB plug on the charger end, but my iPad reports 'Not charging' (so it knows it's connected to power) whenever I use any USB source other than the Apple charger.

I've spoken to Apple support today and they say 'it should work', but advise that I check my non-Apple chargers with other Apple products to see if that would rule out anything. Trouble is, I don't have any other Apple products, and don't know anyone who has!

Any suggestions what else I could try, before I take the iPad back to where I bought it?

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