IP Header Compression

  doug 06:56 04 Feb 2003

I have downloaded Aida32 from the link by leo49 in click here and am impressed. The only suggestions it made were to enable IP header compression and enable software compression to increase network speed. I am running IE6 and Win98SE using Freeserve AnyTime. I usually connect at ~45k, at this moment 14,400, how do I carryout the suggestions and are there any drawbacks. Thanks in anticipation.

  powerless 07:40 04 Feb 2003

Go into Control Panel and select you modem those settings can be changed from within the modem properties.

  doug 07:49 04 Feb 2003

Just had a look round in there but didn't see anything relevant. Any further info?

  powerless 08:58 04 Feb 2003

In the control panel click "system"...

click on the "+" next to the modem and doulble click the modem...

What you see will be your modem properties. The setting will be in there...

(if your running Windows XP Sysyem > Hardware > Device Manger)

Also your modem maynot allow those setting to be changed so they maynot be there all at all.

  doug 17:26 04 Feb 2003

Nope. Had a look in there and nothing relating to header or software compression. The only reason I'm looking is because I'd just tried out Aida and that was what was suggested. But here's no such thing as a free lunch, especially on the internet. Unless, of course, there are any other suggestions to come in. Didn't reply before because I've been pretending to be decorating. Keeps the wife sweeter that way.

  DieSse 17:45 04 Feb 2003

The header compression is not in the modem properties, it's in the Connection properties of the ISP setup.

  doug 18:00 04 Feb 2003

Thank you. Have just activated both and rebooted. Seems OK so far in that I've come straight back here. So unless anything goes tummy up I'll leave things alone now and do the green ticky thing.

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