IP formatS are puzzling me!

  Digital 12:50 28 Oct 2014

My router has an IP address in the form xxx.xxx.x.x but if I use an IP tracker website to find it I get it in the form xx.xx.xx.xx

Either form gets me into the router menu so what's going on?

  Jollyjohn 13:11 28 Oct 2014

Your router has two IP addresses, private and public. BT routers usually are and devices in your house will be handed out addresses up to this number.

From outside your house your routers IP address will be what your ISP gives it, this is a dynamic address but usually only changes when you reboot your router.

Most routers use NAT - Network Address Translation - this directs incoming traffic to the device that requested it and blocks unrequested incoming traffic.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:01 28 Oct 2014

"Either form gets me into the router menu so what's going on?"

The first IP address you mentioned is the router's private IP address and the second one is its public address. I'm assuming that the "IP tracker website" you used was one of those sites that display your public IP address.

For security reasons I'd strongly advise that you go into your router and disable its ability to be remotely accessed from the Internet. For obvious reasons this option is normally disabled. With it enabled, and secured by a weak password, it wouldn't take someone too long to hack into your router via the Internet and change its settings or cause other mischief. Look for an option called "Remote Management" or similar and turn it off. If you must have it enabled then make sure it's protected with a very strong password.

  Jollyjohn 12:00 29 Oct 2014

Thanks Secret-Squirrel, I thought about remote management whilst working overnight and thought I had better advise it to be switched off, you beat me to it.

  Digital 10:47 30 Oct 2014

Thank you both for your help. I didn't realise a router could be remotely accessed!

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