IP connection issues from laptop to router

  blackdog2k 12:18 19 Dec 2016

Hi I am totally confused as to how my laptop can be fine one night all connected to my router via wifi. Then the next day will not connect and says no ip protocol or something to with ipv4 and ipv6, I don't understand any of it tbh. Am just quoting pigeon fashion. No software loaded or deleted no updates as far as I know, just turned it off

  Archonar 13:27 19 Dec 2016

Going to suggest a generic solution just to try it before we go into anything more complex.

In the search bar on the taskbar (windows 10) or in the start menu (win 7 and below) type cmd. Open the command prompt and type ipconfig /release and press enter. Then type ipconfig /renew and press enter again.

  blackdog2k 15:40 19 Dec 2016

Thank you archonar I'll give that a try and let you know.

  blackdog2k 12:18 20 Dec 2016

You sir are a legend may it be said. That seems to have done the trick. Thank you so much.

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