ip camera help

  total_pc 08:43 22 Jan 2007

Have recently bought a cheap and cheerful ip camera. All works fine to the point where I can see, record and have it send me email when it detects motion but can only view it from my pc. The whole idea was for me to be able to view images from anywhere via the internet but I cannot get this to work.. My isp is BT, I have a Dlink wireless router which I believe I have opened the ports on, I am using dyndns in case my external ip changes and I know the camera is ok. Why cant I see images from a different network? I believe BT block port 80 so tried 81 and 4569 to no avail. The dyndns works ok on my pc as far as i type in my address and it brings up my routers log in page, but if someone else tries the address from their pc they get nothing. Any help massively appreciated as its driving me mad.. Thanks in advance..

  steven_frost 12:32 24 Jan 2007

port 80 is for the web so bt cannot block port 80

  total_pc 13:20 24 Jan 2007

I thouhgt I read somewhere that they block port 80 to stop people setting up their own webhosting/mail servers etc. Regardless of the port I still can't see my camera or indeed my router from other pc's. In fact I also cant ping my wan address.. Help??!!

  steven_frost 09:26 26 Jan 2007

D you have a firewall installed also have you check to see if the Dlink has a in-built firewall this could be blocking you

  steven_frost 09:29 26 Jan 2007

here is a list of ports if it helps you click here

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