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  rupie 21:19 15 Jun 2006

I have been having trouble for a long time setting up my home network. 1 (the most important PC) computer will not connect properly. There is also my daughters PC and a wireless laptop. They are connected isung a Lynksys wireless router. If I set my router to generate all the IP adress within a range the main pc end up with an address know where in the range, all the others are fine. if I set the ip adresses manually, the main pc says the ip address is not the 1 i set it to. There are 2 network connections on the motherboard and it happens to them both. I put a new version of XP on it the other week (for another reason) and still no luck. It is sending me MAD. I got it to work the other day (do not know how) but today nothing because it has chosed an ip adress the same as my daughters, according to the status on the router

  mgmcc 21:47 15 Jun 2006

If all of the computers are set to get their IP addresses automatically, they should each get an address in the 192.168.1.x range. If one PC is getting an address automatically which is not in this range, something is not connected correctly.

You don't say which type of broadband service you use but, if it is Cable (NTL/Telewest), the router's WAN port must be connected to the Cable Modem and the PCs connected to a LAN port (or "wirelessly").

I could be off the mark but, reading between the lines, it sounds as though you have Cable broadband and have connected the modem to a LAN port instead of the WAN port. The result of this is that one of the PCs will get the IP address allocated by the ISP and have internet access, the other(s) might get a 192.168.1.x address from the router, but won't get online.

  rupie 12:01 16 Jun 2006

the infuriating thing is that the internet connection still goes into 1 PC and not the router yet. I cannot log onto the router without being connected to bt broadband. Today the cable connections are fine but the wireless to my laptop will not assign the correct IP address. in the last week my laptop has been connected to other networks fine. But my cable connection from my laptop to my network works fine. The router does have my laptops mac address, as it worked fine a week ago. It is the inconsistancy that is the thing that sends me mad. At this time all I want to do is create a network to connect 3 computers, 2 cables and 1 wireless, to share files and printers. At this moment the broadband is only connected to 1 computer.

  mgmcc 12:46 16 Jun 2006

<<< I cannot log onto the router without being connected to bt broadband. >>>

So how are you actually connecting to BT broadband? You *should* be connecting via the router and should not have a USB modem connected to any PC.

  rupie 14:39 16 Jun 2006

all bt sent me was a usb modem. anyway the computers should be able to talk to each other without there being a need for an internet connection.

  rupie 17:16 18 Jun 2006

The problem was a faulty router. I borrowed a 3Com unit from a friend and I can now easily network the units together, whilst still having the internet going into 1 unit !

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