ip addresses

  LAPTOPBABE 21:18 14 Sep 2005

Both my wireless laptop and my wired pc both show a message sometimes which says that there is an ip address conflict, other times no problem, does anyone know why this would be.

  Thalmus 21:43 14 Sep 2005

to check, click > run and type cmd. Then type ipconfig /all. Do this on both machines to see the ip address is.

  scotty 10:40 15 Sep 2005

Presumably both computers are networked. The normal setup has IP addresses being assigned to each device by the router. If the router's address is then it usually assigns addresses then etc. to devices as they connect to the router. However, it is also possible to setup computers to have a permanently assigned IP address. So if you assign to the laptop, it will work with the router. On another occassion, the router is also able to assign that same IP address to your other computer. If this has happened and you then add the laptop to the network they will have the same IP address, hence the error message.

  recap 10:50 20 Sep 2005

This can also occur if there are two network cards in one machine. If this is the case disable one of the cards if it is not being used. To do this open Network and dial up connections, right click the unused card as select disable.

  blackstorm2k 01:30 21 Sep 2005

You might have manually configured the ip addresses. Try right clicking the network icon in the taskbar and 'open network connections' then under the 'general' tab select TCP/IP and click 'properties'. Make sure the boxes are checked to 'obtain IP address automatically'.

This might be the problem.

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