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  Ken H Lamb 13:24 01 Sep 2005

I purchased a US Robotics Router kit 5462 which included an USB Adaptor I also purchased a PCMIA adaptor for my laptop in spite of may hours trying to get the network setup I have been unable to do so. The IP address on the router is Subnet mask, on my desktop the IP address is subnet mask and on my laptop the IP address is subnet mask Should my desktop and laptop IP addresses be in the range 192.168.2.{1 to 99)? The desktop and laptop addresses are assigned by DHCP.

  scotty 15:08 01 Sep 2005

The IP addresses do not look wrong. You could try assigning fixed IP addresses to see if that helps.

I assume this router is a wireless router. Does it also have wired ports? Does the network work with wired connections?

You do not explain what the problem is with the network setup. Can you provide more details? Can you ping the router or the other compuer (open command prompt window and type PING to ping the router)?

While setting up a network you should disable firewalls or it can be very difficult to determine where problems lie.

  Ken H Lamb 16:09 01 Sep 2005

Hi Scotty

Thanks for your response. I have "pinged" the router as you suggested and it pinged OK 4 packets sent 4 received 0 lost. I have also pinged the desktop and laptop all of which report 4 packets sent 4 received 0 lost. Yes the router and adaptors are wireless and yes the router does have 4 wired ports. I have not tried setting up the network using these I assume that the connection (wired) to my desktop is OK since I can access the setup facility on the router.

Yes I have disabled the firewalls. I have tried to get help from US Robotics but what help they have given me as been pretty basic and not resolved the problem. I have checked the SSIDs and that is OK on all machines. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Ken

  recap 20:05 01 Sep 2005

As Scotty say's your IP addresses are OK. If you are still not happy with them set so wide apart you could bring them closer with a range of - all with the same sub net mask.

But, as they are all giving a positive ping test I do not see any reason to change them.

Are you having problems with file sharing?

  scotty 21:07 01 Sep 2005


If ping works then the hardware is OK.

You need to explain the symptoms of the problem in more detail. Do you have problems seeing other computers on the network? Are you trying to share an internet connection and if so, does it work? What operating systems are you using? Have you set up printer and file sharing on each computer?

  Ken H Lamb 21:11 01 Sep 2005

Hi Recap

I cannot get the laptop to see the desktop or vice versa. I have started both in safe mode without success. I have tried everything that I can think of checked the internet ect but still no luck.


  Ken H Lamb 16:47 02 Sep 2005

Hi Scotty

I am using Windows XP with service pack 2 and all updates installed. I have enabled file, printer and Internet sharing but the computers cannot "see" each other I have disabled the firewalls whilst I have tried to get the network setup. I am using McAffee antivirus ect on the desktop and Sophos antivirus on the laptop. Any help would be appreciated.


  recap 18:26 02 Sep 2005

Open a Command Prompt and type the following:

ipconfig /all

Note the space before the /

Do this on all machines, this should then tell you everything about your network configuration.
What the machine is called, the workgroup is called, the IP address of the machine etc.

Make sure that each machine has it's own unique name and IP address and, that it is on the same sub net.

  scotty 18:26 02 Sep 2005

For a computer to be visible on the network, at least one directory (or drive) must be shared. Have you shared a directory on each computer?

In Windows explorer you can search for computers. Have you tried that?

  scotty 18:29 02 Sep 2005

Also, you need to have define a name for your network (e.g. MSHOME) which should be the same on all computers. Each computer should have a unique name.

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