I.P. Address Questions??

  tammer 18:06 09 Apr 2007

I have Virgin Media BB, a cable modem, my own wireless router and a laptop.

I've used sites like speedtest.net and notice that they pick up your I.P. address and store it. I wondered:

-what device is it that has the I.P. address - is it the laptop or the cable modem or something else?

-And is it ever possible to change your I.P. address without using internet privacy software?

  Legolas 18:21 09 Apr 2007

I am no expert but as far as I know your Internet service provider assigns the IP Address some ISP's assing dynmaic addresses which change every time you connect to the Internet whereas others assign a static IP Address which means that your IP Address is aways the same. Virgin Media is of the latter variety so your IP Address is always the same. I know this because I am also with Virgin Media.

  rodriguez 18:24 09 Apr 2007

The device that has your IP address is the modem or router that's plugged into your cable connection. Usually you get a new IP address every 24 hours or everytime you switch the modem/router off and then on again to make it reconnect.

  mocha 22:16 09 Apr 2007

Virgin Media is the old NTL Telewest Cable, you will find that you are assigned an IP address from your IP provider, Virgin Media. rodriguez states that you will get a new address every 24hrs. or every time you switch the router off then on again, this is what BT did and may still do. You will find with Virgin that they will assign you an address for about a month or so and then it will change, there are reasons why they do this. If you want to see how your's changes. click here. Bookmark this page then check every week are so.

  tammer 22:48 09 Apr 2007

I'm sure I've had the router turned off overnight once or twice, and the modem, but I don't think my IP address has changed.

If I look on speedtest:

click here

Under my past results, it has my results back to February when I first started using it and it seems to track by IP address.

Is this unusual? I wondered if my address is constant and visible then it may be a security risk?

  mocha 23:06 09 Apr 2007

Make sure that you have a Firewall installed, this prevents your Network from being seen on the WEB, it will appear to an outsider that there is no computer connected to your address.

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