IP address found - website doesn't load

  Stuart Leyland 18:04 07 Jul 2004

Hi everyone.

I've currently got my network set up as follows:

Hub -> My computer (with USB modem) + my sister's computer + laptop

In order to get the internet on my sister's computer, I set her default gateway and DNS server to my compuer's IP address. This works fine for her computer, she can browse the internet and locate files on my computer. However, the laptop is causing me grief. Even though I've specified the default gateway and DNS server as my computer's IP address, her computer will not connect to the internet. If I put in the address click here, it will find the correct IP address but will not load up the site.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a bunch for any advice :-)

  Stuart Leyland 18:08 07 Jul 2004

Apologies, I should have mentioned that when I type winipcfg at the Run prompt, I am told that the default gateway is (the IP address of the hub and not my computer). I have change the gateway address in both TCP/IP properites and the TCP/IP protocol for the wireless network card. The DNS server IP address is also instead of my computer's address because that is how I've set it up in network configuration.

  Stuart Leyland 00:52 08 Jul 2004

I resolved this issue my manually setting the IP address on the laptop and turning the DHCP server on the router off (although I may turn this back on, depending on how my sister's computer reacts tomorrow morning.

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