ip address conflict

  El jimbo 19:52 23 Jun 2007

Cannot connect to internet as I have an ip address conflict.

Have installed new network card and tried different cable.

When I use ipaddress /renew command, I get 'cannot find dhcp server'.

Current address

  recap 20:12 23 Jun 2007

The command you are trying I think should be ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew, but this is for renewing an IP address that has a DHCP active across the network.

Try ipconfig /all note the space before the /

  El jimbo 20:31 23 Jun 2007

Tried it.

dhcp enabled and auto configuration enabled.


  postie24 20:41 23 Jun 2007

No IP address can be used twice simultaneously, so you will need to change the address of your computer or the device that it’s conflicting with it.

  recap 20:41 23 Jun 2007

As you IP address comes from your ISP click here to get the IP address for your connection.

  El jimbo 20:42 23 Jun 2007

I'm not sure what you mean.

Give me some commands to run.

  El jimbo 20:46 23 Jun 2007

My problem computer cannot connect to the internet, I am using another computer.

This problem has lasted 2 days now, the ntl broadband router has been turned off at night.

  postie24 20:49 23 Jun 2007

Have a read through this
click here

  recap 20:49 23 Jun 2007

There should be no reason to turn off the router unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Have you checked the event Viewer and Device Manager for any errors?

  recap 20:53 23 Jun 2007

Have you ran the Network wizard to set up a network?

  El jimbo 20:54 23 Jun 2007

device manager shows no problems.

New network card working fine.

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