IP Address being assigned Incorrectly

  mitchamm 12:01 21 Mar 2005

I have been asked to configure a small Insurance Office Network for a friend and am having trouble getting the IP Addresses to allocate themselves correctly.
There are 6 machines in the office, all running Windows 98. One of the machines has a Broadband Internet connection that 4 of the other machines need to share. The 5th machine has some Insurance software on it that will only allow access to it from the following IP Adresses.

The problem I am getting is that when I get all the machines to Obtain IP Address Automatically, five of the machines allocate, but the 6th machine allocates, which means that it cannot talk to the insurance software. How do I get it to allocate

If I try to ping, the request times out. As the OS is Win98 there is no DHCP Service running. Please can anyone help?

  Yoda Knight 12:20 21 Mar 2005

can u not assign the ip addresses manually ?

  selfbuild 13:22 21 Mar 2005

Have you tryed assigning the PC with insurance software on it so that it frees up one of the earlier ip addresses.

  mitchamm 16:08 21 Mar 2005

1. If I set the IP addresses maunally, then the machines cannot use the Internet, as I use ICS to share the connection.

2 If I change the machine with the Insurance Software to number 7, then this machine will not be able to talk to the Insurance Brokers as it doesn't fall within the specified IP Address ranges. If this machine cannot talk to the Insurance Brokers, then none of the machines will be able to use the Insurance software.

  selfbuild 16:32 21 Mar 2005

Can you increase the range the machine with the Insurance Software on it so it accepts ip addresses from

  Yoda Knight 16:49 21 Mar 2005

use manualy set ips and set the connection up using analogue-x proxy server.
problem solved ! :)

  pauldonovan 18:03 21 Mar 2005

SO where are they getting the dynamic IPs from ? It can't be magic, and wherever they're coming from you'll need to free up the IP it won't assign.

  mitchamm 10:40 22 Mar 2005

The range the Insurance Software cannot be increased as the Brokers will charge £500-£600 to do this.

What is an Analogue-x Proxy Server? How do I set this up?

I am not actually sure where the IP Addresses are assigned. As this company is small, they don't want to spend money on computers unless they absolutely have to I followed a tutorial for a home network, so I set up the machine connected to the internet as Then I went to all the other machines and gave them all a static IP address (to make sure all could see each other). Once done, I installed ICS on the Internet machine, and told all the other machines to get the IP address dynamically, and they all assign themselves then 7. The tutorial I followed can be found below:

click here

  Yoda Knight 11:13 22 Mar 2005

click here

Very simple to setup, just follow the instructions

  Yoda Knight 11:14 22 Mar 2005

click on the link to PROXY (halfway down the page)

  recap 11:25 22 Mar 2005

If all the machines are connected to a server, setup DHCP and reserve the address for that particular machine.

If not, then Yoda Knight's solution may be your only way to go?

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