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IP address automatically blocked (SQL injection?)

  euro 21:22 27 Jul 2019

Since a few months I notice that occasionally when I am browsing on a website, after some time a network failure occurs. Because of this the website that I visit subsequently automatically blocks my IP address. I have contacted one of the websites on which I ws automatically blocked and they say their server log shows that there was an SQL injection (or at least that is what the server thought it was) from my IP address and therefore it blocked me. My computer is free of virusses and malware so it is not possible for there really to have been an SQL injection. Does anyone have an idea what may cause this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:22 28 Jul 2019

What antivirus, antimalware do you use?

Do you clear your internet cache and remove cookies at the end of each session? It's easy for hackers to hide SQL code to infect your machine in something like a cookie.

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