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  daisy2bell 07:54 30 May 2007

I have recently joined another forum, and when trying to log in, a message told me that I had been banned.
I contacted the forum admin and she wants me to send her my IP address.
How / where do I find this

  Technotiger 08:22 30 May 2007

Hi, download and run SIW gtopala.com then in the left-hand column click on Network Information, then look down the list and you will see IP Address.

  Technotiger 08:23 30 May 2007

Sorry here it is click here

  johnnyrocker 09:11 30 May 2007

ip address is unlikely to be of help as most are not static and will change each time on boot up.


  Batch 09:18 30 May 2007

Some are static, some are not.

If yours is static (i.e. it stays the same each time you connect your modem / router to the Internet), then the block is presumably due to something they have taken exception to that you have posted (unless they have made an error).

If yours is not static, they may have used the IP address to block due to a posting from someone else (who previously had the IP address that you were using at the time you tried to access the forum). In which case just disconnecting and reconnecting may well solve the problem (as you will probably be allocated a different IP address).

  Technotiger 09:22 30 May 2007

Or just click on this link which will automatically tell you your IP address...

click here

  Technotiger 09:29 30 May 2007

Hmmm, sorry, ignore my last Response, not accurate enough. If your IP is static you can go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt and type in "ipconfig" without the quotes, you will then see you IP address.

  baldtaco 11:23 30 May 2007
  rodriguez 11:43 30 May 2007

IP addresses come in different types - internal, external, static, dynamic. Internal IPs won't help the forum admin, so don't send this one. All it does is identify which computer you are in the house. Internal IPs usually start with 192, 172 or 10.

External IP is the one the forum admin are after. It identifies which computer you are in the whole world. These start with different numbers depending on your provider - e.g BT addresses start with 86, Telewest is 82 (62 for business), Sky is 90. Find yours from click here.

Dynamic IPs change everytime to you restart your modem/router or every 24 hours. This means that the IP address the forum admin have will probably be different to the one you have now, so they (and/or you) will probably need to contact your ISP.

Static IPs are usually a paid-for extra from your ISP which means that they stay the same even when you restart the router.

  daisy2bell 21:47 30 May 2007

Ok thanks for that

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