SolvaCollective 18:07 28 Feb 2004

Hi Im doing a bit of research. I.P. Address? are they given by the computer or via the isp. I.E. Is it unique to your computer or will it change if you change your ISP account. Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 18:12 28 Feb 2004

Some IP addresses are dynamic - change each time you connect to the net.

Others are static - you are assigned one and keep it (this is not often the case though).

  SolvaCollective 18:16 28 Feb 2004

How do you know which one is yours is then.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:20 28 Feb 2004
  SolvaCollective 18:26 28 Feb 2004

But in any case changing your isp would change your I.P. right

  LastChip 18:27 28 Feb 2004

Can be Public or Private.

So, when you connect to the internet, your ISP will allocate an address to you. This may or may not change each time you connect, but most commonly will. Some ISP's however, provide a static address, which as the name implies, will be constant.

If you have a home (or business) network, it will use one of the reserved (private) addresses, so called, because these addresses cannot be accessed by the internet.

If you own a Web Site, you will be allocated a unique public address, which is how the worlds computers find you. If for example you typed;

in your Address bar, it would bring you here to PC Advisor. The only reason you use the Alpha address, is because you would find it very difficult to remember many numerical addresses and associate them with a particular Web Site!

  SolvaCollective 18:59 28 Feb 2004

How do you mean cannot be accessed by the internet?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:00 28 Feb 2004

changing your isp would change your I.P.? - yes, it would.

  LastChip 19:05 28 Feb 2004

Reserved addresses are a batch of addresses agreed internationally, that are not on any server, serving the internet. Therefore, if you tried to access my private network address for example, you would get a "cannot be found message".

  SolvaCollective 19:16 28 Feb 2004

Right and these ones are attached to pc's right?

  SolvaCollective 17:29 01 Mar 2004

Hi I have follwed the links above and all of them give me different I.P. Address'

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