IP Address

  Phil930 20:11 26 Sep 2003

First how do i find out what mine is??

Secondly, do IP Addresses change everytime you connect to the internet?? i connect to the internet through a router on a DSL connection.


  VoG II 20:12 26 Sep 2003
  powerless 20:14 26 Sep 2003

*First how do i find out what mine is??*

IF XP, go, to start, run, type:

cmd /k ipconfig

Click ok. IP address will be shown.

*Secondly, do IP Addresses change everytime you connect to the internet?? i connect to the internet through a router on a DSL connection*

Depends on your ISP.

Fixed IP - IP address will be the same.

Dynamic IP - It will change.

  jojo_1 20:15 26 Sep 2003

The link by Vog is wrong as that will give the IP address of the router and not the computers IP address.

  SEASHANTY 20:19 26 Sep 2003

Clicking on this link will give you your IP address and also as REVERSE LOOKUP your server and customer identification from your ISP click here

  VoG II 20:23 26 Sep 2003

IPCONFIG gives me the same IP address as my McAfee Firewall. Are you saying they are both wrong? What router?

  jojo_1 20:25 26 Sep 2003

Phil said that he connects through a router as I do, I clicked on the link you posted earlier and it gave me the IP address of my router.

ipconfig /all gives me my real IP address plus that of my router.

  VoG II 20:29 26 Sep 2003

Ah! OK.

  duckers 20:43 26 Sep 2003

with most routers you can set a staic IP on your PC and use that, as long as you set the gateway IP address to the routers IP ( seems a common number) then your laughing... ...

  Phil930 21:00 26 Sep 2003


i have one IP address from my computer to the router and one from the router to the internet?? is this correct??

thanks for the help, i was having trouble, it worked fine last night and then trying to connect today it said it couldn't detect proxy settings and the internet would not load yet all the correct lights were on on the front of the router!

  jojo_1 21:08 26 Sep 2003

You have an IP address from your ISP which routes you to the internet through your routers IP address which acts as a proxy, log onto your router and find out the IP address and then check that the default gateway IP matches up.

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