ion turntable audio help

  cheddon 17:46 14 Jun 2008

can anyone help. i am trying to use my ion turntable to transfer vinyl to the computer using audacity software but i cant turn the audio up sufficiently to use it in fact i cant adjust it at all. when i attach to an external source with my hifi turntable using the stereo cables from the ion i can use the hifi volume to do this but there is no volume control on the ion. how can i do it please.

  eedcam 17:50 14 Jun 2008

Which input have you selected on audacity

  eedcam 17:55 14 Jun 2008

Also have you got playthrough software turned on if so try it off

  100andthirty 17:59 14 Jun 2008

Im assuming the ion is pligged in through a USB socket. I have used USB sound cards with XP - don't know about Vista - and they don't usually have a volume control. once you've recorded, select all the music (ctrl+A) and use effects, normalise.

unless the volume is VERY low, this'll be OK.

  Switcher 18:24 14 Jun 2008


  cheddon 21:37 14 Jun 2008

thanks for the replies to this . i have selected usb input as audio and do have software playthrough selected but when it plays on audacity there is too little volume to show any activity and i cant increase it at all any further help for this would be appreciated. i am using vista. when i plug to an external source there is no problem but iw ant to use the ion turntable for lps not connect that to another source

  eedcam 22:24 14 Jun 2008

Plenty of Ion problems here
click here

  100andthirty 08:55 15 Jun 2008

cribbed this from the Audacity site which might help

"The ION USB turntables have a gain control to manage the output level of the signal. I would guess that ION are using very similar electronics and thet therefore you could possibly have a gain control on the tape deck. On the TT it is "hidden" in an awkward place - have a good look at your deck and read the manual. (Update: I just had a look on ION's t'interweb site - and looks like you have a big control on the front labelled "Record Level" - looks like the gain control to me.)"

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