iomega zip drive 100

  spudsniffer63uk 21:43 20 Oct 2003

just got hold a iomega 100m zip drive but has no power supply , anyone know what the voltage is of the adaptor thanks dave.

  VoG II 21:47 20 Oct 2003

250 drive voltage is 5.2V if that's any help.

  Geoff_T 22:41 20 Oct 2003

I've just dug mine out of the drawer and it says 5.0V 1.0A


  JAN-BOY 22:46 20 Oct 2003


Output:5.0V----1.0 AMP

  dave h 23:30 20 Oct 2003

you can buy a replacement power supply for the Iomega drive from 'Partmaster Direct' , part of the Dixons Group (catalogue from Dixons)

Only snag...It costs £32!!!! It's almost cheaper to buy a brand new Drive!

  Forum Editor 00:24 21 Oct 2003

who provide an excellent service by the way, you can phone them on:

0870 9090444

If they've got what you need it will usually arrive within 48 hours.

  DieSse 00:44 21 Oct 2003

If you're competent to do so, and a touch adventurous, I've made a power lead in the past which runs off an internal hard drive molex connector.

You would need the correct fitting DC power plug to fit the drive - but you can sometimes get these in a shop that sells smaller transformers. And or course you need to know which pins to use on the molex.

Don't be tempted to buy a "standard transformer" from an electrical shop. Their power outputs are virtually unregulated, and you would find it almost impossible to get one that can supply 1amp.

  Cesar 13:07 21 Oct 2003

I have a Zip 100 that I used on my Old system Win '98 it hadn't a seperate power supply it used the computers I now use it on a new computer XP Home and use a Belkin 4 Port Hub and run it from that. If you have USB Ports buy a 4 Port Hub and run it from that, Much Cheaper!

  Audeal 14:41 21 Oct 2003

I have had a Zip 100 for about 4 years now and never knew that they can run from the USB port.

I run mine on XP Pro now and downloaded the new drivers from their website. Runs OK.

The power is 5v - 1.0A. This is stated on the back of the drive. On the plug it states: Output: 5v.../1000mA / 5VA
Input: 230V~±10%/50Hz / 18.4Va
Model No. FE4823 050E100

I hope this will help you sort it out.

  DieSse 15:07 21 Oct 2003

"I have had a Zip 100 for about 4 years now and never knew that they can run from the USB port"

Only if it's the USB version 8-)

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