Iomega Zip 250 ATAPI drive

  drbes 21:58 20 Feb 2005

After a change of motherboard and new CDROM installed on my computer my internal Iomega 250 ATAPI drive is not working. No Iomega 250 drive letters showing anywhere on the computer - just shows "Zip 250" instead. No Iomega showing up in Programmes folders either. No desktop icon either. When inserting a zip disk into the drive it clatters and clicks and the light stays on as if it is reading or writing to the disk and it won't eject. Using Ctl+Alt+Del shows the drive is not responding and then blue screens and black screens! Once, before the screen went black, it showed an FE in OE @ 0025:C02A2213 in VXD VWIN32/05 +00000D3B but as I do not understand what this is I am none the wiser. Any zip disks used in the drive have been corrupted and data lost on them. Been in touch with Iomega twice and am awaiting a second response. Anyone got any ideas as to what might be wrong?

  alan227 23:38 20 Feb 2005

Does it show in Device Manager if so uninsall it from their and reboot your computer and let XP detect it again.

  drbes 15:09 21 Feb 2005

Device Manager shows Iomega 250 zip. I am using Windows 98SE. As any zip disk put into the drive makes it clatter and clunk and wipes data off the disk, I am tending to think the drive has "gone". Computer engineer is to call in a few days to check the problem but he is also thinking the drive is bad as he had found one of the pins inside pushed right in and had to push it back [don't really understand all this].

  alan227 19:55 21 Feb 2005

If the pins you are referring to are where the IDE cable attaches it stands a good chance it is the worse for wear.
If these are the pins it is possible you put the connector in the wrong way round.

  drbes 21:59 21 Feb 2005

I don't know anything about the inside of the computer and it was the computer engineer who said he had found one of the pins was sticking out when he was putting in a new motherboard, etc. The drive is about 3 years old and had never given any problems and was used numerous times per day for all my backups of daily files. I have since discovered that the engineer had not installed the software PRIOR to re-fitting the Zip drive back into the computer and, according to the instructions that came with the drive, the software MUST be installed first. Will have to wait till the engineer calls later in the week to see what he says. Iomega themselves had suggested he checks the jumper settings. Means nothing to me as the inside of a computer is another world!

  drbes 21:24 22 Feb 2005

Success at last! Iomega emailed me with the solution. The software MUST be installed prior to fitting the zip drive. They gave instructions on how to do this - just click uninstall zip drive in Devices Manager and restart the computer as I already had the software installed. It automatically found the drive and is working fine now. Another problem has cropped up while all this was on-going and as it is not connected to the zip drive I am posting it in a separate message.
Thanks for all your help anyway.

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