Iomega drive "cannot be stopped right now"

  squ1rrel 01:02 15 Dec 2004

A friend of mine has an Iomega external drive (USB & Firewire) and a few problems:

1) Most times, when she tries to eject the drive, an error message is generated saying the device "cannot be stopped right now" and suggests you try again later. Of course however much "later" she tries, the result is the same. I assume this means a process has the device open in some way, but the question is how can I find out exactly which process is the problem?

2) Sometimes if the drive is plugged in when the machine boots, the drive is not recognised. Disconnecting and reconnecting resolves it, but is a nuisance. Any suggestions?

OS is XP Pro - SP2


  Giggle n' Bits 01:10 15 Dec 2004

I think this is a SP 2 issue but more info on type of drive please

  squ1rrel 01:18 15 Dec 2004

Iomega 250GB USB 2.0/FW Desktop Hard Drive

  Sethhaniel 08:53 15 Dec 2004

had used Notepad which had returned link to memory stick file (even though file was closed)- had to close notepad to release memory stick -

  Curio 18:36 15 Dec 2004

is to switch off the pc. Disconnect the Iomega Hard Drive and re-start.

  Modo 18:43 15 Dec 2004

Does it produce the same symptoms with Firewire and USB?

  squ1rrel 00:27 16 Dec 2004

Modo - yes, we've tried both Firewire and USB but the symptoms are the same.

I'm looking for something like lsof in the Unix world to show which process has something open on the device.

  Modo 07:23 16 Dec 2004

Drive not able to be stopped is usually because it is genuinely still being accessed by another programme - allbeit not of your user choice!!
Take a look at processes in msconfig, see if you can spot if it is still in use.

Re recognition,I suspected an issue with the ports hence my replication question. Let's carry on that route. By any chance are both ports on a shared PCI card?

On SP2 in my experience it is unlikely to be a drivers issue with the ports (sp1 and earlier it often was this), but check just in case

  squ1rrel 21:09 16 Dec 2004

Modo - yes, the USB & Firewire are on the same card. I think there is on-board USB 1 - not sure whether that gives the same problems - I'll ask.

There is an activity light on the drive. That does not show activity at the times when we try to eject.

  Modo 07:34 17 Dec 2004

Have you tested these ports with other USB2 and Firewire devices attached? I appreciate this might not be easy as normal users don't have many USB2 devices yet and Firewire isn't common outide photography. If not see if you can borrow a USB2 flash pen or what other name you prefer!

I suspect you might have a dodgy card - just had to replace one myself. It didn't have the same symptoms but I have had the same symptoms when I bought a Laptop USB2 card and it just wouldn't work with the motherboard of a Rock laptop. Did exactly what yours is doing in terms of recognition.

Assuming it is an OEM fitting your next steps after a test will be to go back and check the drivers are up to date for the ports.

If the card is suspect then try swapping it into a different pci slot.

If you have self fitted check that your mobo can handle the card - google it. Check the mobo drivers are up to date.


Give up! Try and live with it chances are some update for something will be put on your machine shortly. The problem will miraculously disappear and you will be none the wiser.

Re disconnecting if you have lots of time use something like Black Viper to compare the services running that may still be accessing. If not.... ignore the warning and disconnect the lead anyway. Others may contradict but chances are it won't - and shouldn't - make a jot of difference.

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