Iomega Desktop HDD, USB2 Problem!

  The Brown Rock 23:55 01 May 2007

I have used Iomega Desktop HDD USB2 to automatically backup my files for the past three years. Just recently I get this message among other things `the directory or file cannot be created` I got over this problem by clicking `retry` when it would backup again for a while - of course this was not `automatic`. I decided to `uninstall and reinstall with the disk supplied.
I'm now left with a number of problems? While I can see the Disk Drive in `My Computer`and can open files I cannot direct files to be copied as it would appear I've lost contact between my computer and the Iomega Hard Drive. When trying to reinstall I get the following message "Preparing to Install, Error: 1325javascript is not a valid short file name"
When I go to the `ADD/Remove` to remove the drive from my computer I get the sane message and I cannot locate where this is coming from.
A long-winded story but as always perhaps someone has an answer?

  Technotiger 00:16 02 May 2007

Hi, try your drive in a different USB port. If that makes no difference then it looks to me as if your drive may be corrupt or dying!

Or - you could run CCleaner click here and see if that helps.

  The Brown Rock 00:23 07 May 2007

Thanks Technotiger, I have ccleaner installed and while after running it as you suggested I felt nothing had changed, but was surprised on startup next day to find that there was communication between my PC and the device. I'm not certain yet if everything concerning `backup` is in order but it is looking positive.

  Technotiger 07:24 07 May 2007

OK - good luck.

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