Iomega 750 Zip Disc failure?

  Southernboy 14:51 11 May 2005

I have an external 750 Zip Drive. I used this without problem with W98SE on my previous computer, and for two months with a new Evesham PC with XP SP2.

Last week, I clicked the "backup now" button as usual, but nothing happened. After a while I got a message I have never seen before telling me the backup had failed and the data was lost. I tried to open the Iomega backup program to close it down, but nothing happened. CTRL-ALT-DELETE told me the program was not responding, but selecting END did nothing. I simply got a repeat of the NOT RESPONDING message in what seemed like an endless loop. I was unable to close the PC down and, in the end, I could only switch the PC off. When I switched on again, I expected it to run CHKDSK, but it didn't. I tried to get into the Iomega backup program again, but it refused to open.

The third attempt allowed me to open the program to switch it off. I then ran CHKDISK on both the C drive and the Zip disc. No problems. I thought I would try backup again but the backup button was greyed-out. I deleted the backup set and created a new one. I was then able to carry out a backup.

However, the next day, I attempted to backup a file in MS Money, using the Money backup option which I had done many times before. What I got was a re-run of the problem with the Iomega backup program. It seems the common factor here is the zip drive. I gave up and simply used the SEND TO option to copy to a Zip disc.

Today, I attempted to carry out a backup using the Iomega Automatic Backup program and the new backup set, but what I got was simply a re-run of the problem and, again, the program hung and I had to switch the PC off. It would seem that my Zip Drive cannot be used except in Cut and Paste mode, which is not a lot of use for large amounts of data.

A few days later, I attempted to use the 'Send To' option to send a small file to the Zip Drive. I got an ERROR COPYING FILE OR FOLDER message telling me CANNOT COPY (FILE NAME):DATA ERROR (CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK). I haven't a clue what on earth that means! Does anybody?

What I cannot understand is why it should have worked on my previous PC without problem, and why it worked on this PC with problem for some two months. I have done nothing to the PC to alter anything and I am at a loss to understand what is causing the problem. I cannot begin to know what to do about this problem.

  TOPCAT® 18:09 11 May 2005

You might find the answer from Iomega support at the link below. Note that there are 16 help pages to browse. Good luck! TC.

click here

  woodchip 18:12 11 May 2005

Throw it. DVDRW are cheap and more reliable

  TOPCAT® 18:13 11 May 2005

You might find the answer from Iomega support at the link below. Note that there are 16 help pages to browse. Good luck! TC.

click here

  Southernboy 16:30 12 May 2005

but I have heard horror stories of people who back up to CDR(W) and DVDR(W) and then find they can't read the discs.

I have used Zip discs for years and love them. They are infinitely reusable, large impervious to humidity, compact in size and resistant to scratching etc. But then, I still use floppies for small files.

We have a real environmental problem with CD-size discs, so anything that reduces the use has to be a good thing. They are fine for music and photographs, but not really appropriate for text files.

  Southernboy 16:57 12 May 2005

Have read all 16 pages but nothing relating to my problem.

  Ancient Learner 20:30 12 May 2005

As I said only a day or two ago, I have given my Iomega drive and the disks away - they drove me crazy!

I find that the DVDs are much better than the CDs I have used in the past, and have a series of DVDRWs now, I just make sure that no compression is being used in the back up, so that they can be read anywhere. Nero BackItUp works just fine for me, incrementally, automatically, weekly.

Those and Ghost to a second internal HDD running automatically weekly too.

  Dart Echo 21:27 12 May 2005

Southernboy.... I understand where you are coming from. Until about 4 or 5 years ago would have said the same. Then one day I turned up at a meeting 150 odd miles away with a gargled Iomega file. How embarrasing was that? I phoned the wife and got her to stick the CD backup in a machine, copy the files and mail them to where I was at.

I must agree with woodchip and Ancient Learner on this one. Not that it helps you at all except, I suppose, to let you know your situation is not unique -- best to take two copies of everything but I've never had a problem, so far at least, with either DVD, CDR, CD-RW.

  Southernboy 13:06 13 May 2005

knows what is causing the problem, and how to resolve it, I would be glad to hear from them.

Thanks again.

  Southernboy 13:43 18 May 2005


  Southernboy 14:30 01 Oct 2005

I am having trouble with the backup programmes for Maxtor (Retrospect) and the CD/DVD writer (Pinnacle) which must mean either some sort of software conflict or that I am doing something wrong.

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