Iomega 100MB Zip Drive

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I've been using a 100 MB Zip Drive since 1993. It has recently been unable to read my Zip disks and makes a clicking noise when a disk is inserted. I have a suspicion that this is the horrible "click of death". Has anyone had the same experience? Is there a remedy? The files on my seven disks are valuable to me as they represent some 9 or ten year's work (some from pre-CD days!). I shall be glad of any advice on the matter that will help me recover the files in order to transfer them to CDR for further use. Thanks, DRL32

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  expertec 13:13 03 Nov 2003

Q: My zip drive makes occasional clicking noises when it's running. I've heard about the "click of death" problem some of these drives have, and I wonder if I should be worried.

A: Chances are the grim reaper isn't knocking on your Zip drive's door. Occasional slight clicking noises are completely normal for a zip drive, especially when it's accessing and saving data. But if you hear a constant loud clicking, call Iomega technical support and don't inseert any disks that contain critical data. Another option you might consider is to run the diagnostic program that accompanies your Zip drive. Just right-clickthe zip drive (or removable disk) icon in explorer, select the diagnostics tab, and then choose "Diagnose Now". If you are unsure of your drive's health, try the free detection utility from Gibson Research which is dubbed Trouble in Paradise. It's available for download at click here

  JIM 13:40 03 Nov 2003

If your zip drive is on its way out suggest that you could benefit with a replacement in the form of the 250mb internal Iomega zip drive.Prices are good and 100mb disk can still be used.(drives may be discontinued shortly but like yourself i still like to use)

Iomega Zip Drive 250Mb Internal IDE no Disk
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