iolo System Mechanic for free

  smokingbeagle 05:19 12 Dec 2011
  Aitchbee 11:24 12 Dec 2011

I have received an email confirming my interest.(after 1 minute)

But I am still awaiting a second email to get the free product.(over 3 hrs)

  birdface 11:51 12 Dec 2011


It may be finished now.It was for yesterday for 24 hours but probably for USA time.

  robin_x 11:57 12 Dec 2011

Check Spam folder.

  Input Overload 12:42 12 Dec 2011

I got an acknowledgement from Cleverbridge a couple of hours ago then nothing. I wonder if they are trying to back out of it because with software I've bought via Cleverbridge the keycode usually arrives minutes after the order acknowledgement - Nothing in spam. Oh well :-)

  Terry Brown 12:49 12 Dec 2011

When it comes to Free software on a product that normally is a pay (or trial), I get very suspicious as you don't know what is being downloaded.


  Input Overload 13:14 12 Dec 2011

Both Iolo & Cleverbridge are respectable companies, Cleverbridge handles software purchases for most downloaded software. Looking on the Iolo site it looks like a new version of SM is out - This probably explains the free version. Whether SM is worth having is questionable as free utils are out there & enabling GOD mode probably gives most options on SM.

  Graphicool1 13:34 12 Dec 2011



  Graphicool1 13:51 12 Dec 2011


sorry to raise your hopes in this unseemly manner. Although, yes you can download the software from this link. however, it doesn't let you install the FULL programme without an unlock key? Which I haven't received yet. Because, as you that wasn't included with the receipt email all I got was an (order reference number: 1****3).

You can though, download the FREE version, which is very basic.

So like you I'm still waiting for the key.

  kdt 17:04 12 Dec 2011

instead of the free basic version I would rather rely on w7 action center troubleshooter and ccleaner.

  Input Overload 18:27 12 Dec 2011

My hopes are fading for a serial key, though I think I will survive without SM, strange though that I should get an acknowledgement of the order with a promise of a later mail. I did register again with an alternative email & got a second acknowledgement but nothing more.

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