Iobit driver booster beta information?.

  spuds 19:21 05 Jul 2013

I am one of those people that can get rather lazy when it comes to drivers and updates. But a short time ago I was checking out the Majorgeek website, and in the top downloads was a download called Iobit Driver Booster Beta 1.0.

Checking this product out, including the video provided by MajorGeek's test team, it seems a good programme.

Questions: Have you tried this programme or are you suspect about these type of programmes. Would you recommend another driver booster/finder product on personal choice?.

I have downloaded, but not tried it out yet, hence asking for information.

Would perhaps add, that I have other Iobit programmes, and can usually find 'hidden' attachments to them!.

  Ian in Northampton 19:33 05 Jul 2013

Spuds: IIRC, the consensus on the forum has historically been "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Unless there are good reasons for updating a driver, it's generally best to leave well alone. Don't do it just to keep things all nice and up to date. Personally, I stay well clear of these programs that claim to be able to find the latest drivers for your system.

In summary: you say you're "lazy" - I'd say you were (if inadvertently...) "sensible". :-)

  Ian in Northampton 19:33 05 Jul 2013

Btw: is everyone else reading this as 'Lobit'...? :-)

  spuds 19:38 05 Jul 2013

IiN - Thanks for the very prompt response. As you say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Laziness does have its advantages then :O)

It all looked so good on the video, including the restore facility!.

  spuds 19:44 05 Jul 2013

Jock1e - I seem to recall 'trying out' Driver Magician or something very similar ages and ages ago, and wasn't very pleased because of the same results you seemed to have had.

  rdave13 23:12 05 Jul 2013

spuds, you've been here long enough to know my thoughts about these type of software. Bin them all and learn to use the OS to your advantage.

Ccleaner is all you need, the rest is waffle. (Secretly you know this but I bet you like to play with these infernal programs!)

Admit it...


  spuds 00:49 06 Jul 2013

rdave13 - You know me all to well. Nothing like a bit of experimenting, now and again :O)

  rdave13 01:03 06 Jul 2013

spuds, one day your 'experimental PC' will pop its clogs, give you a blue screen, intermittent with a black one, will reboot continuously, give erronous errors on the blue screen, will make a slight 'screeching' sound as the HDD finaly gives up to working to hard on these diabolical and utterly fateful rubbish.

Worth it if you are experimenting as you say.


  rdave13 02:28 06 Jul 2013

Where's my spell checker.. :(

  sunnystaines 08:47 06 Jul 2013

I have never trusted driver update software.

what i used do

is visit all the driver software webs save the webs into a favorites folder. then, keep a list of verson numbers for each driver then every now and then check the driver webs.include the driver page of your laptop or motherboard.

these days most programs notify you when updates are available my nvidia does hp printer does samsung and hp laptops do

i would not bother with driver update software its only as good as how often its database is and any error miss reading your driver version could trash your set up.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:21 06 Jul 2013

As a builder of my PC's I have, as a matter of course, all driver disks that come with the components I by for my builds. The GPU disks never leave the box as they are seldom,if ever used,the mobo disk is used after a fresh install. Apart from updating to the latest BIOS I have never felt the need to update any other driver.

I too, in my less experienced day, used these programs but on more than one occasion the resulting update installation caused all sorts of problems.

I would say that they really have no use to the ordinary PC user and should be avoided. Yes use them if needed to back up your drivers but on no account allow them to update them.

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