I/O error

  tonyx1302 09:49 01 Sep 2006

Following on from my previous posts ,I am trying to get my desktop to play pre-recorded dvds but have been unsuccessful.
After members posts, I have installed AVS DVD Player as it was thought it could be a codec (?) problem. Still no luck.
Other disks, like software and cds load and run ok but I cannot open pre-recorded dvds and when trying I get the message ' D:\ is not accessible because of a I/O error'.

What is a I/O error and can I (a novice) repair it ? If so how please.

With thanks


  billyliv 10:56 01 Sep 2006

Hi, An I/O error is an input /output error. ie. your DVDs are unreadable. They may be protected or they may have been produced with a program that is not compatible with your software. Put one into your DVD/Rom (By the way, You do have a DVD/ROM fitted have you?) Open My computer and Right click on your DVD drive to see if you can access the contents. Cheers,Bill.L.

  De Marcus™ 11:04 01 Sep 2006

Do you have a link to your other thread? I read it yesterday but seem to have lost it.

  tonyx1302 12:04 01 Sep 2006

Hi DeMarcus. Sorry I don't know how link you to my yesterday post, but it was headed 'DVD playback problems'.

billyliv. I have dvd rom and a dvd writer drives on my machine and I have tried playing dvds in both. I cannot open them in 'My Comp'either.

I am not trying to copy anything illegal its just that I have just brought a dvd recorder as per yesterdays post and wanted to run my TV recorded progs on my desktop
I have tried every option including shop brought DVDs. Everything runs fine on my stand alone player and on my laptop but not on my blessed desktop.


  De Marcus™ 12:07 01 Sep 2006

Found it click here

  De Marcus™ 12:08 01 Sep 2006

Have you access to another pc to see if these disks work on them?

  tonyx1302 12:17 01 Sep 2006

Yes they work fine on my laptop and stand alone dvd player

  De Marcus™ 12:18 01 Sep 2006

Are the dvd rom and dvd writer on the same ide channel?

  tonyx1302 12:23 01 Sep 2006

Sorry DeMarcus I don't know what ide channel means.

  De Marcus™ 12:29 01 Sep 2006

An IDE channel is the means by which your hard drives, cd/dvd drives communicate with the system. If a channel becomes corrupt in some way, it can lead to the problems your describing.

One way to check is to try uninstalling the ide channel the drives are on, this is most likely the secondary. You can do this by going to device manager and finding and expanding the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, this will give you a list of primary and secondary IDE channels. Right click on the secondary IDE channel and select uninstall. Once the uninstall routine has finished you should be prompted to restart the machine, oblige (don't worry if your not prompted to restart, wait till it's finished, then restart manually). When windows reboots, it will go through the process of automatically reinstalling the ide channel and all connected peripheals (i.e your dvd drives). You may be asked to restart again, oblige. The process essentially reinstalls the ide channel incase there are communication problems between drive and system.

  tonyx1302 12:33 01 Sep 2006

DeMarcus.I will be going into uncharted waters with your remedy. Can I incur untold problems and if so will Restore take me back safely ?



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