"Invisible" Non-System Disk!!

  onokeck 21:04 12 Aug 2005

We have all seen the old warning when we boot up with a floppy inserted that we forgot about: "Non-System Disk - Replace Disk and Press any Key"

Well, I'm getting this notice on my old Win 95 PC when in fact there is NO floppy in the drive - nor is there a CD in the CDROM. I have checked my setup and all is as it should be; the floppy drive seems to work and I have checked all the connections internally. All o.k. I even dis connected the floppy drive and changed 1st boot device to CDROM. Still get the same message. Anyone got any ideas about this invisible disk?

  mattyc_92 21:25 12 Aug 2005

I got this when the os was corrupt. Have you got the installation disk? You may need it.

  onokeck 21:29 12 Aug 2005

Yes, I do have the recovery floppy and CD. This is where the problem began - when I tried to reinstall the OS, so you are probably right. I'll start over again and see if I can correct the proble. Thanks for your comments. Casey

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:55 12 Aug 2005

System files missing from hard drive.

Insert and boot from win 95 floppy at the a:\ prompt type

sys c:

you should then see a message system files copied.

This will get rid of the message.

  petescully 23:58 12 Aug 2005

Bare in mind - If you sys c: - c: will then load up only to a dos prompt - not windows.

You'll need to alter the msdos.sys file to make it boot to windows - presuming windows files are all still working and aren't corrupt or missing.

You may need to re-install windows - boot disk, windows CD - follow the instructions.

To edit the msdos.sys from dos after 'sys c:' you should, restart the computer and boot with the boot disk:

Find the and attrib and edit programs (probably a:\edit.com and a:\attrib.exe), then type the following:

attrib c:\msdos.sys -r -s -h
edit c:\msdos.sys

The Edit program then opens up, check and match the details below - There may be other commands and characters in here - but leave these, ensure these settings are in there though. Then save it and reboot without the boot disk inserted.

Good luck.



  petescully 00:05 13 Aug 2005

The automation on this forum makes it difficult to explain the commands - it removes the line breaks. Where there is a space, there is a line break (a new line). - If you are able to view the msdos.sys, you will see what I mean.

Good luck

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