invalid xp product key

  preston 00:39 20 Apr 2011

I have a valid xp product key and disk, but when i go through the setup on my new h/drive and get to the part where you have to enter the key, it tells me it is invalid. I have tried other valid keys and same thing. Whats going wrong.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:08 20 Apr 2011

Keys are "keyed" to certain CDs

OEM disks need OEM keys Upgrade disks need Upgrade keys Non sevice pack keys cannot be use with a XP SP2 CD etc.

  preston 09:25 20 Apr 2011

I understand all what you say. I have a valid disk and key,OEM disk OEM key, so why the problem?

  Graphicool1 09:25 20 Apr 2011

This happened to me, I did a clean install using my WinXP disk. Then I was asked to enter the Key number. This was a problem, because the number was on the back of the PC. There would have had to be a big upheavel, for me to see it, so I used a mirror. I put the numbers in but they weren't accepted and it asked if I wanted to speak to someone on the phone. I said yes and spoke to a tech, he asked me for the number which i regaled him with. He also said it was incorrect. I didn't say I was reading it with the aid of a mirror. But I stuck to my guns and was adamant that the number was correct. So he gave me another number and all was fine.

Later I checked again using the mirror and realised I had mistakenly confused a 2 and a Z.

The moral of the stoy is: If you believe you are in the right, stand your ground. Who knows what the outcome may be. Afte all they can only accept or reject your statement.

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