invalid time

  Ashar 10:14 04 Jan 2004

Oflate my PC is showing wrong time in the system tray
I don't get any error message It shows correct date.
The problem is started since last two month.
I believe this problem can be fixed by replacing
CMOS battery
Will my system have any adverse effect if I postpone
replacement of battery for few days? i mean it
won't allow me to save changes made to cmos setup etc.

My system configuration PIII, 64MB RAM, 20 GB Hdd,
Board i815-ITE 87x2 133 MHz, BIOS Award int 6.00
PG 12/20/2000

With Thanks & Best Regards

Ashar B

  Stuartli 10:19 04 Jan 2004

Have you corrected the time and checked if it is still losing or gaining?

If you have XP you can use the Day/Date/Time panel (right click on the time display) to update the clock via the Internet Time Server.

It won't take more than a few seconds to replace the battery if necessary (providing it's not soldered)...:-)

  Ashar 10:36 04 Jan 2004

Thanks Stuartli for your kind advice
I've installed window Me
I checked the time after manually adjusting
from Date/Time option & it is still losing

With Best regards

  Chegs ® 10:44 04 Jan 2004

click here

You could always d/l this little app and it will automatically adjust the clock for you.

  Ashar 12:31 04 Jan 2004

Thank you very much Chegs But one final question
Should i replace CMOS battery? will my system have
any adeverse effect if i postpone replacement of battery I mean it won't allow me to save changes made to CMOS setup etc.My bios is award 6.00 pg

With best regards

  Chegs ® 12:35 04 Jan 2004

If you dont replace CMOS battery,its unlikely to adversely affect any hardware,but software(particularly OS,will keep nagging somewhere)

  Ashar 12:47 04 Jan 2004

Dear Chegs

Thanks once again

With Best Regards

  Stuartli 17:44 04 Jan 2004

These links will help you (also check your motherboard manual for any specific references to changing the CMOS battery):

click here

click here

click here

click here

Should help you sort it out...:-)

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