invalid system disk

  submarine 16:24 16 May 2004

My system is a pentuim 4 1.5 Mhz running Windows ME.
problem started when the AGV anti-virus found the PSW.BRISS.A virus in my c:\_restore\temp\a0210055.cpy on the hard drive. The anti-virus could not remove it as not allowed in Windows, so like the clever ass i am, i deleted it in DOS.
Now I have an alarming invalid system disk message.

I can access all my drives in DOS if I use a boot disk but cannot get it to even boot into safe mode.

a) Is my hard drive trashed due to the virus or my own brashness?
b) Are my hard drives unreachable?
c) If I require the file, can I undelete it?

I am using the pc at work until 8.00 tonight - any help very gratefully accepted.

  Eric10 16:45 16 May 2004

Boot from your boot disk and at the A:> prompt type "sys c:" without the quotes then press the Enter key. This should copy the system files from the floppy to your hard drive and allow it boot again.

If this gets you running again then go to click here for information and removal instructions. Before you start on removal you should turn off system restore or you could get re-infected from there. You can turn it on again once your PC is clean.

  LastChip 16:56 16 May 2004

Boot into DOS. At the command prompt type;

undelete [file.extension]

(that's undelete, a space, file name and dot extension)

That should put you back where you were before you deleted the file.

Clearly, you ned to know exactly the name of the file and it's extension, although, you could use a wild-card (*) for the extension, but the trouble with this is, it could reinstate files that cause more harm than good. For example, if the file happened to have a the same name as others, but the extensions were .exe, .txt, .sys, all those files would be undeleted with the one command.

  LastChip 16:59 16 May 2004

is not supported in ME.

  Eric10 17:42 16 May 2004

I can't argue with you LastChip as I've been fortunate enough never to use ME and I incorrectly assumed that it was just Win98 with bells on it.

However I have found this link
click here from which the following extract is taken:

"The DOS-based SYS command, used to move the system files to a floppy or hard disk drive, no longer works (on a freshly formatted hard disk; it will work on a hard disk with Win Me already installed)."

From another website it would appear that if is not on the boot floppy then it is in the C:\Windows\Command folder on a system that already has WinME installed so could be copied to the floppy.

There is more information about using in ME at the bottom of this webpage click here.

  LastChip 17:56 16 May 2004

If submarine was using an ME Startup disc (which I assumed he/she was) you cannot use the system command from that floppy.

But as you rightly say, if the files are in tact on the hard drive, then that is a different story.

  submarine 09:14 17 May 2004

tried the undelete command and it will not work.
Says... Delete Sentry control "something - can read writing" not found.

Sorry can't be more specific but I am at work again!

  submarine 07:43 18 May 2004

Thanks to all. Gave up trying to re-boot - time not on my side. Had most of my data saved on the slave drive, so worked in DOS to move the stuff I required off my demic drive to the slave drive.

I then replaced the 1Gb slave drive in my "spare" pentium 100 out of the loft with the 80Gb one from my main machine, auto-detected the drive and booted "old reliable". Imagine my joy and relief when all my files came into view on the screen, my daughter being even more overjoyed than I.

Moral 1: keep backing up.... disaster is only a click away!
Moral 2: Don't throw your old machine away. Mine has been in the loft for two years and has proved to be a lifesaver! It turned my daughter had ALL her A-Level coursework - including IT coursework - (which has to be in on Friday) on the drive without ANY backups at college or on removable disk!!!! Now there is a lesson to be learned. This morning, she also has a CD with her work backed up on so she leave in her locker at college.

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