"Invalid system disc replace....

  carlos 14:26 23 Jul 2003

the disk, and then press any key"
but it's a WIn 98 Sony Vaio laptop with no floppy drive attached. I started it up and got the above message. I know it's what usually happens if one leaves a floppy in the a drive but I ain't got one. Be very grateful for any clarification. PS if I press any key it just repeats the same message

  Rowey 14:42 23 Jul 2003

is the cd drive empty? if so, sounds like the hard disk is at fault.

you could try booting from a win98 cd and try to access the hdd using DOS.

  Diemmess 15:11 23 Jul 2003

Less sure about a Sony laptop, but otherwise it may be that the BIOS has become set to boot from either a floppy or a CD and consequently doesn't look at the HD first.

  anchor 15:12 23 Jul 2003

I had this on my PC when the hard drive was on its way out.

You could try a re-load of Windows 98 using the original Microsoft CD, which should be bootable.

  carlos 15:20 23 Jul 2003

CD drive empty, changed boot sequence in bios from CD to HD....still no joy. Will try DOS.
When you say HD at fault....terminal? Therefore a complete re-install, provided the HD is not physically damaged? I put CD restore disk in and that began the restore sequence, before I halted it and changed boot sequence.
Thanks Rowey and Diemmess

  carlos 15:30 23 Jul 2003

when you say HD was on it's way out, you meant it subsequently died? If that's happening to mine I should do a system re-install using disk provided. I just wondered if there was any other way to fix this. It's obviously a serious problem

  anchor 15:30 23 Jul 2003

If the Windows re-load does not cure the problem, then I fear the hard disc may be "terminal". That was the case with my PC. Fortunately, I had backed up my files earlier.

Anyways, let`s hope a Win reinstall does the trick. Good luck!

  anchor 15:37 23 Jul 2003

I got the same message as you on boot-up. (I do have a floppy drive, but there was no disc in it).

At first, it was intermittent, and a restart of the PC seemed to settle it. This slowly became more frequent, and sometimes needed as many as 20 restarts to get it going. Finally, nothing would get it to start up normally. I earlier had tried a windows reinstall, but it made no difference. As the machine was still under warranty from Evesham, they sent an engineer to fit a new hard disc. Since then, all OK.

  carlos 16:06 23 Jul 2003

can't even restore/reinstall from CD. Looks like the HD's gone west. Thanks for the advice. RIP

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