Invalid Product Key number, XP Pro - easiest fix?

  David-235429 14:01 24 May 2005

I've had a PC for around 2 yrs and my copy of XP Pro appears not to be genuine. I had the PC made for me and assumed that I'd get a genuine copy.

I dont want to store up problems for the future and would like to be "legit" so whats the easiest and cheapest solution. An OEM copy for less than £80 on line? Would this mean I would lose everything on my pc if I install the new legitimate version?

Thanks for your help guys

  TomJerry 14:03 24 May 2005

when you get a legi one

  Bob The Nob© 14:06 24 May 2005

Ask Microsoft, they did a swap for people who recieved a pc with an illegal version of XP and they swapped it for a legit version. Try that.


  Joe R 14:08 24 May 2005


You can get an oem copy of xp home for around £60, as long as you buy a piece of suitable hardware. ( a keyboard qualifies in most stores ).

You would have to save your data you need though, as you will be a lot better off, with a new clean install.

  DieSse 15:04 24 May 2005

If you do have a pirate copy, just buying an OEM version and changing the product key may not work. many pirate versions are corporate copies, with different serial number sets than OEM, and retail version. Windows does know which set of serial numbers applies to which major XP types, and will reject ones which don't fit the correct range of numbers.

So the advice to get an OEM version, and do a clean install is by far the safest and most likely to work without causing you ongoing problems.

Unless you can persuade MS to supply you a legit copy in exchange, presumably, for some info about your pirated copy.

  ianeon 15:35 24 May 2005

Download a programme called "ROCKXP" (from Snapfiles, its a free prog.) when you get your legitimate serial number this programme allows you to change the number.

  Joe R 15:38 24 May 2005


Why on earth, would you want to change a legitimate serial number.?

  DieSse 17:57 24 May 2005

Said "Why on earth, would you want to change a legitimate serial number.?"

He/she doesn't want to - want's to change it TO a legitimate number.

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