invalid page fault KERNEL32.DLL

  KPF 15:48 23 Oct 2003

When I shut down my computer, I get an error message saying Zonealarm has performed an illegal operation. I have asked both Zonealarm, and my virus software company (Fix-it), and can't get an answer. Zonealarm says to use the latest version of KERNEL32.DLL. I have recently downloaded one. The virus company said to disable Zonealarm's email scanner, and I did that, but it didn't work either. I have tried all the repairs that Fix-it offers, and nothing gets rid of this message. Does anyone have any ideas? Will it hurt the computer just to put up with the message?

  vinnyo123 15:59 23 Oct 2003

click here

This might help ,,,zone alarm o boy ...just curious did you recently download an upgrade?

I believe if you uninstall zone alarm and download free version again . Put your key in to activate might solve your problem.
***** just wait for alittle more advise in here before you try this ..There is very good help in here..good luck

  Stuartli 16:32 23 Oct 2003

It's a key dynamic library link - there is a possible quick fix here:

click here

which I found when trying to find it via Microsoft...:-)

  KPF 20:46 23 Oct 2003

I tried the quick fix, didn't work. It was already suggested that I upgrade Zonealarm, but I don't want to pay for all those features that I don't need. Anymore suggestions before I uninstall Zonealarm and reinstall it? I could put up with the error message since it only comes up when I shut down. Does that hurt anything? thanks for the advice!

  Stuartli 23:49 23 Oct 2003

The ZA "upgrade" referred to probably means the latest version of the free software.

Various bugs etc are ironed out and an update issued.

  KPF 02:41 24 Oct 2003

I checked and I have the latest version of ZA. On another newsgroup, someone wanted me to download HijackThis. Don't know anything about it. Does anyone else? I use Adaware daily, and just did a deep virus scan. I think I will give up.

  Stuartli 08:35 24 Oct 2003

As you already have an AV utility and it is presumably set to check e-mails, then you won't need to enable ZA's e-mail checks.

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