Invalid & general protection faults

  Miss Happy 15:39 26 Apr 2005

As soon as I switched on laptop today, invalid page and general protection faults started to appear. It is preventing me from going online. I was online til we hours of thismorning watching something on ebay that I had bid for. Received a couple of ebay related emails into OE.
Page faults are in module ES197X.DRV at 0001:0000318c and general protection fault is in module GDI.EXE at 0026:000013ac
I have found the Maestro PCI driver file but cannot find the GDI.EXE file other than a MS-DOS blue and white one.
I cannot go online (using PC to write/send this), AVG is up-to-date up to lastnight, tested laptop and nothing found. Anyone else had same problems? I dont know if replacing the drivers is going to help.

  Miss Happy 15:50 26 Apr 2005

I found an .exe prog called PcOrion(1).exe 50.9kb that I am unaware of downloading yesterday. I visited their site yesterday after doing google search for security software (firewall or something like for my old windows 98se laptop to replace zonelabs which keeeeps crashing PC everytime I try to download and restart pc it crashes again - old issue resolved).
I cannot access anything much without the 'illegal' popping up and ending / freezing anything I am doing. I get the 'recover your desktop' option or switch off!

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