"Invalid Floating Point Operation"

  Telakhai 21:31 29 May 2010

Hi all,

Had a strange issue that I'm looking for an opinion or two on.

Yesterday my laptop (running Windows 7 Home, 64bit) displayed a pop up saying "Invalid Floating Point Operation" whilst I was trying to open a .zip file.

The pop-up stays on the screen and clicking the cross or 'OK' do nothing.

Restarting my laptop got rid of the message but it returned as soon as I tried to open the .zip file again. However, after another restart I was able to open the file with 7zip instead of the built-in Windows zip utility.

Today, my desktop PC (also running 64bit Windows 7 Home) displayed exactly the same message with exactly the same symptoms whilst trying to delete a .exe file that I'd downloaded (a download manager for the Age of Conan free trial).

Restarting my PC allowed me to delete the file.

I'm wondering if anybody can enlighten me about what this error message might mean? Is it something I need to worry about? Odd that it happened on my laptop and desktop with two days of each other.

Thanks in advance!

- Mark.

  northumbria61 21:42 29 May 2010

There's something here that relates to your problem -

click here

  northumbria61 21:44 29 May 2010

OR there's a list here -

click here

  Telakhai 21:57 29 May 2010

Thanks for the links, I'll give some of those things a try. The only new bits of software I've installed lately are the "SR Iron" browser and Malwarebytes.

Although now I think about it, I have been fiddling with various visual styles and themes also, so I imagine a system file could have been damaged along the way.

I guess "sfc /scannow" will be my first port of call!

Thanks again.

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