Inundated with freebies or are they just scams?

  Ivor_Monkey 10:41 30 Dec 2004

Is there anyone else who is getting these offers? [See below]

It is worrying that so many organisations are having difficulty trying to give me freebies. Google doesn't throw up any references to possible scams etc. Could this be true? Have I discovered a free lunch, provided I can complete a 3 minute survey?


IOG Shipping
PO Box 390520
Mountain View, CA 94039-0520
Delivery Confirmation #?????
To: Member #??????

To receive your Playstation 2, please click on or cut and paste:

[Deleted by Ivor-Monkey]

We've been trying to reach you in order to deliver your slim Playstation 2. I'm sorry we were not able to reach you before Christmas. You were selected to receive the Playstation by Market Survey Group, which will give it too you just by answering a 3-minute survey

Please visit our website at

[Deleted by Ivor-Monkey]

Thank you,
Jill Santo
Customer Service Rep.
IOG Shipping



Delivery Confirmation XXXXXXXX
To: Member #xxxxxxxxxx [email protected])


To receive your gift, please click on or cut and paste:

[Deleted by Ivor-Monkey]

We have been trying to reach you in order to deliver your free $100 Restarant GiftCard.

You have been selected to receive this card by My Choice Rewards, who will give you this card just by answering a 3-minute survey

Gather your friends and go eat at one of your favorite restaurants with a $100 Restaurant Gift Card.

Spend the $100 Restaurant Gift Card wherever you like!

Thank you and ENJOY!

Customer Service Rep.
My Choice Rewards

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 10:46 30 Dec 2004

I would definitely ignore as they certainly do look like scams. Do you have any anti-spam software? Perhaps Mailwasher Pro, so you can bounce back and delete the messages before downloading them from ISP.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 10:47 30 Dec 2004
  Stuartli 10:53 30 Dec 2004

Very similar to the timeshare offers - a big con.

  €dstowe 11:23 30 Dec 2004

No such thing as a free lunch - or a free Playstation, X-box, laptop, PC, mobile phone and any of the others that I have seen recently.

Consign to the open top filing cabinet on the floor.

Another appropriate cliché is: If it seems too good to be true, then it will be.

  Ivor_Monkey 08:07 31 Dec 2004

I realsied they were not freebies, but since there didn't seem to be any discussion on these particular risks I thought I'd start a thread on the subject to alert other more trusty souls.

Thanks everyone.
JaßîsFaß ˜, I will give Mailwasher Pro a trial.


  Andsome 08:55 31 Dec 2004

I have always understood that it is BAD policy to bounce e-mails back, as they soon learn that they have found a genuine address. Just delete them while they are still on the server. Put the senders into the blacklist, and in future they will come up already ticked ready for deletion. You can disable bouncing in Mailwasher.

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