Newuser3068 19:12 18 Nov 2004

I have suddenly started having all kinds of problems whenever I'm connected to the internet. The most obvious of these is a new toolbar that's been added to my homepage (I use Google's search page). The toobar gives me new buttons for premium sites, adult sites, online dating, casinos etc. etc.
I'm also getting all kinds of strange popups and mystery buttons appearing on my taskbar. Quite often these casue the computer to hang.
I've looked in the file c:\windows\temp and there are several application files in there that worry me, as follows:
uninst84 (this one is an ms-dos batch file)
There are also several .tmp files in this folder.
Is it safe simply to delete all these files in the temp folder? Do you think this is the right thing for me to do to solve my problems?
Incidentally, I've run a full system scan with Norton Antivirus and it has found nothing that it recognises as a virus.
Thanks for any help.

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