An introduction to Linux

  octal 07:36 10 Jul 2005

A lot of people are starting to take interest in Linux of various different flavours.

This PDF book gives an introduction to the Linux system click here BE AWARE the PDF is 1.5MB in size as there are 243 pages, so it might take a while to download it if you are on dial-up.

Other general documents and "How to's" can be found on their main site click here

  Graham ® 09:10 10 Jul 2005

OK, I'm interested. But there is still too much information, stopping me from trying.

I need pointing to a site to download, then a guide to installation. Have you got a few days spare to lead the class?

  Fingees 10:05 10 Jul 2005

sugest you go to click here

You can download a copy to burnonto cd, then boot fromit without using your hard drive, to try the system.

  ashdav 10:26 10 Jul 2005

click here
useful site

  Pooke 11:26 10 Jul 2005

For my records.....

thanks octal

  Graham ® 13:06 10 Jul 2005

I've burnt a copy to CD from Fingees link, but I can't boot from it. I've set to boot from CD ROM as that's the only option, apart from hard drive and floppy.

The drives are actually (D) DVD Writer and (E) DVD Player.

  powerless 14:40 10 Jul 2005

click here


Graham ® - Burn't as an image right?

  Completealias 16:02 10 Jul 2005

Thanks octal thats a very useful link will have a read and then maybe i'll brave it.

  octal 16:49 10 Jul 2005

"Have you got a few days spare to lead the class?"

I like that :-D I think it'll be a case of the blind leading the blind, I'm still very much the novice.

If you are that interested I think its better to buy one of the distros rather than using a free one. The reason why I say this is the bought one comes already bundled with all the programs you desire, plus more, so you don't have to go around searching the Internet for them. So be careful with the free versions they are basic, you do require a certain level of knowledge to use them because you have to install programs you need.

That's how I started, a colleague at work couldn't get on with his copy of Xandros so he gave it to me. Having never seen Linux before, the installation was incredibly easy. I did break it a few times whilst I was playing around learning, that didn't matter, because re-installing only took half an hour.

I can only speak for Xandros, but I get the impression all the desktops are all pretty intuitive, they've got to be to attract customers.

They will dual boot, so you can keep Windows, I've still got my old Win98SE and the only thing I use it for now is playing the odd game that I can't get to run in Linux.

That reminds me, I must update the anti-virus next time I go back to Windows one day :-)

  Graham ® 17:53 10 Jul 2005

Thought I had a touch of deja vous!

I've now burnt a bootable CD, which takes me to a command prompt. What's the command, then?

  powerless 17:57 10 Jul 2005


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