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An intriguing USB card reader problem

  Anon-332352 21:04 09 Sep 2018

I recently purchased a second hand Nikon D200 digital SLR camera that uses a CF card for storage. I also purchased a USB CF card reader to transfer pictures to my PC.

If I plug this reader and card into any of the eight front panel USB ports (some are USB 2 and some USB 3) the results are the same i.e. a flashing red light on the reader that continues for 15 minutes or more until I unplug it. The USB card reader is not recognised in File Manager or Device Manager.

However if I plug the CF card and USB reader into my Surface Pro then within seconds all the pictures show up.

It also happens that my desktop PC, which cannot read the CF card via USB, also has a multi card reader built in and when the CF card is plugged directly into this reader all the pictures show up.

Any thoughts as to why this may be and how to get my desktop PC to recognise the reader?

  Anon-281249 21:36 09 Sep 2018

Are you sure that the Reader is getting sufficient power

  Anon-186823 22:24 09 Sep 2018

If you don't mind messing about with your Desktop Hardware Settings then it might be possible to DISABLE your inbuilt multi card reader and thus enable the USB CF card reader which you have purchased. Just a guess, btw.

What operating system is on your desktop computer?

  Anon-332352 17:41 10 Sep 2018

wee eddie, I don't think that power is a problem. these USB ports drive all manner of things at different times. I use similar readers for SD cards with no problem, it just seems that this CF reader never connects.

Aitchbee, I recognise your train of thought but I don't think that I can disable the CF part without also disabling the SD, Firewire etc that are all part of this built in card reader. Operating system is Win 10 by the way

I built this desktop PC a while back so I pretty much know it inside out. The multi card reader is internally connected to an onboard USB header as are some of the external USB ports that I have connected the new external reader to.

It's not a major problem for me as I can connect this new reader to my Surface Pro; as I say it is just a mystery as to why it doesn't work on my desktop but does on my Surface Pro, they both run Win 10

  Anon-281249 18:38 10 Sep 2018

Could it be the Cable. I assume that you are using a different cable for the Surface Pro

  Anon-332352 10:07 12 Sep 2018

wee eddie, sorry for the delay, I am in a caravan near Chichester at the moment and internet is patchy. No cables are involved as the card reader is simply a USB stick with the appropriate connector built in.

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